Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas Stockings, Ornaments, and Mince Pies, oh my!

Okay, I've been quite the naughty girl with nary a post for six weeks, but my 3 1/2 year old and 20 month old have been running coordinated circles around me! 

Sadly, I have not been able to complete my Ceylon dress for this weekend's anniversary getaway.  I so envisioned myself enveloped by the wonderful Colette Patterns' creation, but the time simply wasn't there.  It is still a project I shall carry on with, but, this time, perhaps without a set deadline, given the children and my grad work.  Not to fret, though, I shall still post updates and pics as I progress.

So, what have I been doing other than not working on Ceylon?  As I try to corral the children in our front sitting room on most days--baby gates STILL not up despite hubby's promise--I've taken to needlework when not occupied with papers.  Yesterday, following a template from Sew Magazine (, I made a Christmas tree ornament with a beaded holly sprig, which I'm very proud of, on the front and 'Noel' embroidered on the back.  My daughter was just tickled with watching me make it, and was so excited when it was stuffed and sewn up.  Also, finding a gorgeous antique-looking fabric from, I made her a Christmas stocking with green lining, and her name embroidered and beaded at the top.  It's nearly finished now, and she just cannot wait to see it hanging up.  Stockings are planned for my son, and my husband and myself--just waiting for the fabric to arrive.

Lastly, after many unfulfilled promises, I made mincemeat pie filling for my husband, a recipe that can be done ahead of time.  My very English spouse adores mince pies, and, if unchecked, could OD on them every holiday season.  I'm not a personal fan of this dessert, and, not realising the vegetable suet contained wheat flour, my daughter won't be partaking of it either.  So, I can only hope hubby enjoys the pie--he'll be having it all himself unless our wee boy takes a fancy to it as well.  Here's a link for anyone interested in the recipe; it was very easy to put together, though I've no idea how it tastes!  : )

Take care all!