Monday, 9 April 2012

Chicken Caesar Burgers, oh wow!

Before I delve into the deliciousness that is chicken caesar burgers, I'd like to thank those whom reached out to me with the previous post.  It was much appreciated, and truly helped sooth me during such a painful day.

Okay, on to my most recent cooking adventure.  Although I've not yet written on cooking, it is a huge passion of mine, though (exluding my family and friends) it comes third after 1. History and 2. Sewing.  I've been a big fan of Rachael Ray since the bygone days when she was just on the foodnetwork doing 30 minute meals.  I love her recipes; she keeps things fresh, with wonderful twists on classics. 

Last night, I made her recipe for chicken caesar burgers, and they were fantastic.  I added my own wee twist by serving it with a parmesan sauce on top (another RR recipe).  The burgers, made up of ground chicken, parsley, dijon mustard, and other caesar ingridents, proved a small challenge for me.  As I live in the UK, ground chicken (at least in my area of Scotland) is not to be found.  However, for Christmas, my husband gave me some rather nifty kitchen gadgets, and, one of them, was labeled as being able to ground meat.  So, yesterday, I gave this a try and it worked just fine.

The meal was just fab, and I'll certainly be doing these again.  So, with that, if anyone is looking for something new for dinner, definitely give these a try.  So delish!

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