Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ceylon, Revisited...

Two posts in one day, astonishing!  I shall attempt to keep a log of my second attempt at the gorgeous Ceylon dress pattern from Colette's.  Not only to I simply wish to conquer it because of its vintage appeal (swoon!), but because I'd love to don it during my anniversary getaway with my husband.  We're planning a weekend trip to York, England to celebrate four years of wedded bliss.

My first step back into my Ceylon War started nearly three hours ago when I dragged out the pattern pieces.  As I mentioned in my previous post, being very new to sewing clothes, I cut my pattern pieces out and, as I learned when tracing them onto tracing paper this evening, found I initially cut out the WRONG SIZE.  In some cases, I cut two different sizes on the same piece [mentally clunks self on forehead].

But that is behind me now.  All of the pattern pieces have now been properly traced onto fresh pattern paper and cut out, with all of the appropriate notches and markings.  Tomorrow (if the kids go down for a nap [crossing fingers & toes]) I shall begin my second step: cutting pattern pieces from a used (but clean!) sheet from my local thrift shop for my muslin.  This time it's personal... : )

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