Monday, 11 July 2011

Dress Agony

A few months ago, brousing through one of my favorite blogs, Casey's Elegant Musings (if you haven't seen, please look it up), I saw Casey modeling an absolutely gorgeous, 40's style dress; in an email, I learned it was from Colette Pattern, the Ceylond dress.  Well, I just had to make it.  Or, at least try, right? 

I ordered my pattern from Colette's (who have an amazing stock of other vintage-inspired patterns), and, rather impatiently, awaited its arrival.  Now, once it did come, I saw, very clearly, it was labelled, "intermediate."  I am, to be frank, a beginning beginner; the only thing I'd made previous were a couple of pillows and Christmas stockings.  But, I figured, why not?  Learning is doing after all.  I went to a local fabric store, bought a gorgeous length of red linen/cotton blend and interfacing.  I even made a partial muslin out of sheets from a second-hand store; it seemed to go well (though, now I can see, it should have been done fully to check sizing).  So I went at that beautiful red cloth with my scissors.

Now I have a red monstrosity that gives off a "boxy" feel, instead of being sleek.  The bust comes nowhere near my own, and the waist, well...the whole thing just doesn't look right. 

Final verdict?  It's hard to say.  I still very much want to do this dress, but the necessary skills just aren't in my possession right now.  Not certain if what I put together can be resurrected, but, one day, I shall try again--this time with a proper muslin.  : )

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