Saturday, 16 July 2011

My 1st finished garment!

Ok, am very happy about this: I finished my first garment!  Thursday, with the kids at daycare, and me in need of a change of scene, I headed to Edinburgh (about an hour south of us) for a day out.  I knew that John Lewis (a huge department store) held a large sewing section, so I headed there for a look about.  Whilst there, I found some gorgeous vintage-ish looking pink cotton fabric, and though I just had to have it, have to make something from it.  Grabbing a Simplicity pattern 2609 and a matching zipper, I was all set to make a skirt.

Now, as I've mentioned before, I'm a beginning beginner, so the pattern I chose was labelled, "It's so easy!"  Well, it wasn't, not really.  For someone approaching the project with little or no experience, the pattern wasn't very explanatory.  BUT, with what I've learned so far from the dress disaster, and reading from sewing sites and blogs, I did it!  There are some little mistakes, but nothing that would really show.  I'm still new to making seams straight, but these are things, I'll admit, that won't be very visible.  I'm very proud of my skirt and am excited to wear it outside. Pics to follow!

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