Friday, 8 July 2011

A Room of Many Colors--someone had so much fun.

As mentioned before, we've recently moved to our first house, and I get to use one of the unused bedrooms for my sewing.  The one choose is desperately in need of redecoration.  The previous tenant was either seven or colorblind.  Two walls are red, one is hot pink, and another is blue.  But it doesn't end there...the ceiling and skirting boards are canary yellow and the door is baby pink.  It's a room that truly brings tears to one's eyes. 

That will all change.  Once I've the ok from the landlords, I have plans to make my sewing room a true haven (especially after a day when my children have driven me to pull my hair out!)  Some of my thoughts have been for a wall border about halfway down, with light purples and greens, with the top half of the wall cream and the bottom a violet.  I also absolutely love a gentle yellow, but I'm not sure.  Any thoughts?  I so cannot wait to turn this into a proper sewing room.

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