Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mummy & Me

Just got back from a fabulous date--with my 3 year old daughter!  She's absolutely nuts over Cars (or, Roary, a similiar British cartoon, as she calls it).  She was so well behaved, and had a blast.  Having never been to a cinema before, it was a sensory-overload for a spell, but seeing the smile on her face as she saw her favorite characters made it so wonderful.  As if that were not enough, lunch then consisted of McDonalds.  My little Daisy's Celiac's Disease, a gluten intolerance, and a low weight allows her a McD's treat every month, so she was elated.  Daisy not quite ever child; she couldn't care less about what toy lurks within her Happy Meal, as long as her chips as in there!

While we certainly cannot expect such good behavior each time we visit the cinema, it definitely made the date even better---and Mummy didn't have to tear any hair out.  Of course, there was the optional extra charge for seats in the back, but that's another story...

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